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Decorating Rules

Greenwood Cemetery announces to all families who have decorations on their loved ones graves. Please remove all decorations including shepherd hooks, stones, fencing, and toys. Greenwood Cemetery will no longer permit shepherd hooks, stones, fencing, and toys. Thank you.


Greenwood Cemetery is a “living museum” with majestic trees, shaded roadways, magnificent monuments, and modest memorials. It is a place of cultural enrichment. Each stone represents a life and that life’s love, anger, happiness, and place in family, community and society. The cemetery reflects the honor, respect, and affections that our civilized society accords its dead. It is a place of memories. Death can take a person, but it cannot take a life as long as we have memories. These memories that are perpetuated in Greenwood Cemetery provide us with roots that allow us to continue to grow. Through our respect and honor of our departed, we confirm our civility and sense of continuity.

Greenwood Cemetery is one of this nation’s earliest cemeteries that was designed to be a tranquil, lovely, landscaped garden. When it was established in 1848, Greenwood was among the first of the “rural” cemeteries where people could escape the noise, grime, and bustle of the crowded cities. Today it continues to be a beautiful park that is enjoyed by all who visit. Greenwood Cemetery is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Since 2010, Greenwood has participated in Wreaths Across America, which is an annual service honoring our veterns. This tradition began in 1992 and has expanded to numerous cemeteries across America. Greenwood is honoroed to be apart of this growing tradition.

Greenwood is a not-for-profit corporation and is governed by a board of trustees who are local community volunteers and lot holders in the cemetery. The board is dedicated to maintaining the natural beauty of Greenwood, its financial security, and its records. A portion of the purchase price of every lot is invested in a permanent endowment fund to ensure the future maintenance and preservation of the cemetery.

The cemetery is totally enclosed by a security fence. Interior lighting is in operation at night. Greenwood contains over 1,000 trees, many of which are over 100 years old and are wonderful examples of their often rare species. A tree nursery to provide new plantings has been established in collaboration with the City of Hamilton Tree Advisory Board and the Butler County Master Gardeners. A columbarium for interment of cremains recently has been constructed. Expansion of the mausoleum is being planned.

Greenwood Cemetery consists of 96 acres. While the cemetery has over 53,000 interments, there is ample space for new lot holders in most sections for many years to come.

For further information concerning ways in which Greenwood Cemetery may serve you and your family, please contact our office at 513-896-9726.


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Burials on the Web is your portal to find loved ones in Greenwood Cemetery. Simply submit a name or even a portion of a name and we will display a list of matches for you to review. Burials on the Web includes the full name, date of birth and location of the person in the cemetery.

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